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A great time was had by all !
More details to follow
stay tuned !
   STATUS: Web Site Updates
( Saturday, August 21, 2010 )
We're a little slow updating the Web site with news and pictures of what truly was a FABULOUS FIFTIETH reunion. Why? Well, in order to support the reunion event, all the vast resources of the Latrobe High School Class of 1960 Reunion Committee / Information Technology Division / Web Operations Department / Web Site Update Team were deployed to the field for onsite, real-time assistance. Unfortunately, owing to the huge number of personnel involved and the logistics associated housing, feeding, and transporting that many people, the team was billeted in one of the few locations in the Greater Latrobe vicinity that does NOT have high-speed internet connections available; a mere oversight, but we got a good price and we've got a great view.
Improvements will be coming, "real soon now" -- like maybe in a week or so, once we return to the superior resources at our headquarters.
   STATUS: Guestbook
( Monday 8/16/2010 )
The Guestbook seems to be back in working order. Please check it out and if you have a problem we'd appreciate it if you'd drop a brief e-mail to CLASSMAIL@LHS1960.net
Under Construction
  measuring, cutting, making improvements
Like the fellow on the right, we're working feverishly to renovate this place to make attending the reunion more enjoyable. We've got a couple of activities in addition to the Friday party and the Saturday dinner. Primarily, we want to make it easy for folks to get in contact with old friends before Saturday night.
Update (July 19, 2010):
things to do - places to go
See the list of scheduled activities (<CLICK)
    Later we will put up a list of NON- scheduled things you can do on your own, or use the Forum-LHS1960-TALK to get together a group -- large or small -- to see some sights and eat some eats.
Update (July 14, 2010):
    keeping in touch - making plans
    By now most of you know that we have a "Guestbook" where visitors to the LHS 1960 Web community can leave a note to be read by anyone who wants to leaf through the book.
    Recently we added a forum (also known as a bulletin board) where classmates can engage in the e-equivalent of conversations with many participants who share your interest. Anyone who'll be at the reunion can use the forum to make plans to meet up and do things like arrange a golf (or tennis) foursome, form a group to see the "Stillers" practice at St.Vincent, etc.
    Here are links to our online connections:
The Class Web site
The Guestbook
The Forum: LHS1960-TALK
The Photo Album: __ A Coming Attraction! __
(When you get tired of the music just click back here.)

As you know by now

The date is
DeNunzio's Italian Restaurant
in Latrobe - at the airport*
From 5:00 PM to 10:00
*(you can check it out here) www.denunziosrestaurant.com

Here we are; less than two weeks to go. If you missed the above suggestion (how could you have missed it??) to check out who is coming click here to find out who and how many!

Be sure to stay tuned.

    Your Reunion Committee   (Information Technology Division) (Web Resources Department) 

visitors since August 5, 2009.

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